Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI)

The Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI) was established in 1985 in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. It operates under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and its mission is to conduct research and development activities and to disseminate the results to the Information Society. RACTI’s research activity focuses both in basic research areas (such as computational technology, Database Management, Knowledge and data engineering, algorithmic issues of communication networks, cryptography) and in applied research areas (such as educational technology, multimedia technology, digital libraries, Telematics and computer networks). RACTI co-operates with numerous organizations at national and international level, including universities, research institutes, private sector enterprises, and user-organizations. It has successfully completed or implements over 200 R&D projects and its research personnel has produced on a yearly basis over 80 publications/announcements in international scientific journals and conferences.

The Educational Technology Sector (ETS) of RACTI was established in 1996 with the aim of introducing and exploiting Information Technology in Education and of conducting applied research in the field. The sector has longstanding expertise and interest in: Educational technology and pedagogical utilization of ICT in schools, design and development of educational software and educational activities, design, co-ordination and supervision of large-scale actions for developing the software and h/w infrastructure for schools, implementation of broad range integrated pilot projects that exploit new ICT educational methods, Distance Learning techniques and practices, teacher training, development of training methodologies and material, development of Web applications such us large-scale portals for stimulating collaboration, facilitating sharing of digital content, community building, etc.

The sector provides technical consultancy services to the Hellenic Ministry of Education on issues concerning the exploitation and application of computer and network technologies in education, as well as on issues concerning the design, organization and implementation of relevant projects and technological innovation in the educational process in general. It has undertaken, on behalf of the Hellenic Ministry of Education the responsibility for the design, the co-ordination and the supervision of the implementation of national large-scale projects concerning the introduction and exploitation of ICT in education, including: the “ODYSSEIA – Hellenic Schools in the Information Society Program” (1996-2000) action-oriented programme, implemented in 400 Greek secondary schools (teacher training and in-school teacher training, development of 72 educational software programs and activities, establishment of the necessary technical infrastructure) and the “PLEIADES” program (2003-2008), a large-scale project for the development of 9 educational software products and 47 integrated packages of educational activities for all Greek Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as for the procurement of site licenses of 14 educational software products for Primary and Secondary education.

Other relative projects (EU and otherwise) include: “CITER-Creation of a European History Textbook Library” (EU eContentPlus Programme, 2006-2009, RACTI: project coordinator), GNOP Digital Library System (Design and technical specifications of an integrated Digital Library System for the Greek National Organization for Educational Book Publishing, which includes the old, historic and “digital born” editions of school textbooks (National, 2006), “MustLearnIT: Using ICT for Special Subject Distance Learning in Multigrade Schools” (Socrates / Minerva, 2005-2007), “LeVis: Learning via Subtitling; Software and Processes for Developing Language Learning Material based on Film Subtitling” (Socrates / Lingua II action, 2006-2008). “KIRKI: Localization and adaptation of international educational software to the Greek Educational system” (National, 1998-2004), “i.e.Us: Intercultural Educational Dialogues. What Unites us, what Separates Us!” Socrates / Minerva, 2003-2005).